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Ongoing Development

Feature Name Category Priority Beta Progress
Save column size, window pos, docking state etc... Medium Enhancement
Additional feature for File Manager (Move, Copy, Cut, Paste) Medium Function
Remote Desktop High Function
Authentication Lockout Medium Security
Registry Editor Medium Function
Improve logging and exception handler Medium Enhancement
File search Low Function


How can I contact the author??

You can contact me through and only through the following email address: If you ask me anything regarding illegal stuff (private stealth version, custom ambiguous functionalities etc..) I will place your email in trash and flag your address as spam.

Is SubSeven Legacy a Hack Tool??

No. Even if the former SubSeven was, SubSeven Legacy is fan made version of SubSeven that install and acts like a legitim remote access tool such as VNC.

No ambiguous features are implemented.

I have put serious efforts in avoiding possible misuse by implementing administration privilege validation through secure desktop.

can I contribute to the project?

Yes. You can contribute to the project by:

- Sharing ideas.
- Testing and reporting bugs / glitches.

will the project become open-source?

Probably in the future. Actually the project is coded using the latest Delphi version (10.4.2 Sydney) to follow the programming technology used by the former SubSeven program back in that time (even if Delphi has much evolve since)

are communications between client and server encrypted?

Yes. Communications between the client and server are fully secured using OpenSSL SSL/TLS protocol in its latest version (TLS v1.3) for key exchange and AES 256bit GCM SHA384 for traffic encryption.

The OpenSSL library is used on top of pure Winsock API (no external networking libraries are used) to only retain the required functions and control the full stack of code. It also makes easier the implementation of new OpenSSL library version.

can I use sub7 legacy in production?

As long as the version is marked as stable, yes. The project was created with security and stability in mind. You can use Sub7 Legacy in a production environment but without guarantee.

Be sure to follow the security guidelines from our knowledge base before running Sub7 in production.